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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Better L8R Than Never

I know you're all familiar with China Glaze's L8R G8R, but I just recently got it.  I've been looking forward to doing a konadicure with it.  Here's what I came up with...

For the base of this konadicure I applied two coats of L8R G8R which has an amazing pale green/lime holographic effect that I couldn't quite capture on film as well as I'd hoped given the limited sunshine this week.

I added the marble pattern using Orly's Enchanted Forest and then decided to accent a few nails with butterflies using Konad Special Black.

For the final touch, I used Orly's Prisma Gloss Gold topcoat which added another subtle element of shimmering glittering specks.  It worked well to seal the stamping, but two days in and I'm annoyed that one nail is really peeling at the tip.

What do you think of this konadicure? Do you like it better with just the marble design or with the butterflies too? They look a bit like black bats caught in a web - or is that just cuz it's almost Halloween? :-)

Sunday, October 17, 2010

"Designer Satin" Konadi

Okay, so nobody commented on my yellow disaster from last post. That bad, eh?!

Well, here's what I did later that night when I took off the mess I'd made....

Ah...much better!  This is China Glaze's "Designer Satin" which is an older colour, but I just got it from  I really like this deep raspberry creme colour for fall.

I stamped this pattern from IP m76 across the middle of each nail.  I used Konad Special White, which always makes a very crisp, clean image.

Today I peeled a bunch of apples to bake an apple crisp, and luckily my manicure escaped without harm.  Gotta love Seche Vite topcoat! Keeps it shiny and nick-free, and dries super fast without smudging the stamping at all.

Hope you all are having a great weekend.  Please leave me a comment, because I love reading your feedback!

Friday, October 15, 2010

"Happy Go Lucky" Manicure - epic fail!

Here's a manicure I just finished. I am not very happy with how it turned out at all. I used China Glaze's "Happy Go Lucky" from last year's Up & Away Collection.  I just recently got this colour, and I do like it. But I was somewhat impatient and rushed to add stickers before the polish was dry enough. So the whole thing turned out kinda lumpy and I'm probably going to take it off pretty darn soon.  The truth is...I can't stand it!!!!!

I figured I'd snap a few pics to share my sad failure.  It looks worse than this in real life, but it kinda makes an interesting photo, at least.  Ever do a manicure that you know is an epic fail as you are doing it, but somehow you just keep going?!

Well, hopefully I'll have something prettier to show you soon.  Now it's late at night and I better get some sleep...wish me better luck for the next attempt.

Note to self:  Konadicures are way better than using stickers!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

"Thinking of Blue"

I bought this polish a few months ago, and I finally got around to using it last night.  This is Sally Hansen's Complete Salon Manicure in "Thinking of Blue".  It's a deep colour that looks navy blue in some lights, and slightly purplish royal blue in other lighting.  I used China Glaze "Millenium" to stamp the pattern from IP M77.

I'm still really jazzed about how well the polishes from the C.G. Khromes collection work for stamping and show up so crisp and clear on dark colours.

Hope you enjoy the long weekend, fellow Canadians!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Fall Floral

My sister brought me this Barry M polish when she visited back in the summer, but I just got around to using it this week.
Konad IP m57
black dots made with a dotting tool

This is Barry M's "Mushroom" with flowers stamped in "2030" from China Glaze's Khrome Collection from last fall/winter. I finally managed to get my hands on  a few of the Khrome polishes and they are awesome for stamping...but you have to move FAST! They dry really quickly on the stamper and won't stick to your nails unless you work swiftly!

I didn't have daylight when I had time to do my pics, so the photos aren't the best. Still, I really like how this turned out. I'm not typically a fan of how these "pooey" colours look on me, but this one isn't too "greige" so I think it's somewhat flattering.

What do you think?

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