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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Grassy Green Konadicure - m77

"Grass Slipper"- Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure
Konad m77 in Special Black
Orly Gold Prisma Gloss - glitter over mid-section
Seche Vite t.c. / Orly Bonder b.c.

I found the design didn't quite fill up my thumb so I added some flowers 
(can't remember which plate they are from) on the side of each thumb. 
See the detail shot below.

I know I used this colour recently, but when I used it last, I didn't get around to stamping any designs on it, so I wanted to give it another go.  I also chose this colour because I was going out of town, and, believe it or not, this colour actually matched all the clothes I was packing.  Why do I have so much slime green clothing???? I don't know.


  1. So cute! The name "Grass Slipper" makes me chuckle a little.

  2. Thanks Chat du Cheshire and moodpuppet - yeah, the name is silly, isn't it!


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