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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Layered Green Konadicure

To make up for my Konad-less manicure in "Royal Navy" from last week, I did a pretty busy, layered konadicure last night.

For the base colour, I used SH "Grass Slipper", which I have posted as a plain manicure before. I used Konad Special Green and Special White to stamp the argyle, plaid and flower designs from m60 and the flower with the curly stem from m77.

I did the pinky first, but didn't like how the white plaid lightened the overall look, so I did the overall pattern on the ring finger in green, with white flowers on top. I like that pattern better. I alternated the designs on every other finger across both hands.

So, let me know which design you like better...or is this konadicure too busy for you altogether? ha ha ha...


  1. gorgeous! you give me some of the most awesome ideas =)

  2. I like it. All the patterns and designs actually work well together. Very pretty :)

  3. I love it! So cute...and busy? There's nothing wrong with busy! (:

  4. WOW! What a great konadicure!

  5. a repeat for st patrick's day!!!

  6. Trincess - glad to inspire you!

    Cel and brittanyhocake! - two are fans of multiple patterns! :-)

    nihrida, Jonna, srubin - thanks, ladies. I love reading your comments!

  7. This is a great inspiration for St. Paddy's day - well done - great stamping!

  8. mrsrexy - I'm a bit early for St. Paddy's day! ha ha ha...


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