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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Purple Fancy Flight

For this Konadicure I used an older colour - Orly's "Cashmere Cardigan" which is a light lavender - but more on the dusty bluish side.

Swirls - Konad m69
Butterflies - Konad m78
Stamping done in Konad Special Purple & Silver

And now in different lighting....

The butterflies barely showed up. Boo hoo...I need to get some China Glaze Khromes soooo badly for metallic silver/gold stamping! I can never find them in Canada....

Hope you enjoyed this konadicure. Let me know what you think of it.

Have a great weekend, everybody. (Yes, I know it's only Thursday, but we're almost there!)


  1. Love it! (I'll have to copy your mani) I have China glaze romantique collection...all work great for stamping. I would recommend CG Passion (romantique) for a good gold and CG millennium (khrome) for a good silver.

  2. Very pretty. I love the silver butterfly detail too.

  3. i love this pattern! i'm gonna have to try that one for sure, i hope i have that plate!
    i'm a new follower!
    please follow me as well! -

    thanks :)

  4. Beata - thanks for the suggestions!
    Cel - glad you liked the butterfly
    Smita - let me know how it turns out if you try it, and thanks for following me!

  5. I haven't seen that pattern before. I like that the colours you chose make it both bold and feminine. Tammy

  6. Tammy - Thanks for the compliment!

  7. Ooh, I remember when I gave you comment that I like one of your blue nail polish... That is another blue (or lavender, but in pics it looks like blue) that I like! And konad looks wonderful too :)

  8. 35 kg - yeah, it's hard not to love blues and purples! :-)

  9. KONADomania - thanks for your kind words!


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