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Monday, April 11, 2011

Flowery Spring Manicure with Konad S9

Hey all,

Here's the konadicure I did this weekend. I don't usually like layering different colours of polish, but China Glaze's "Tantalize Me" is a cool duo-chrome pale lavender that is too transparent for my taste. I decided to try layering it over "Designer Satin", also by China Glaze, which is a deeper raspberry colour.

I like how the combo colour turned out, but I always feel when I layer a light colour over a darker one, I get a bit of streaking, or a dark rim at the top or edges. I tried to avoid that as much as possible.

Then I added Konad stamping in a flower pattern from IP S9 on the tips.

I used China Glaze "Millenium" which is a silver from their Khrome Collection that came out awhile back. I can't stop feeling amazed every time I use Khromes to stamp because they result in really bright, sharp designs.  The silver Special Konad polish really pales in comparison.

Do you like layering polishes?  What do you like to use as stamping polish?

Hope you liked this post, and have a super week!


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