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Friday, May 27, 2011

It's Not Valentine's Day, But...m83

Okay dear readers,

I know it's not Valentine's Day, but this manicure is all about the love!

I went a bit overboard with this one. In fact, I don't really like it, and I'll probably take it off as soon as I finish this post! My husband wrinkled up his nose and shook his head when I showed this konadicure to him. Ha ha ha!

I kinda like the thumb and ring finger, and wish I did all the nails the same way instead of having so many different designs.

Well, what do you guys think of it?

Have a great weekend, everyone.


  1. I like the lovebirds the best also...great job, even though it got wild lol

  2. I loved!!! You have good taste, congratulations.
    Look at my blog, will be an honor to have her as a follower!!


  3. Simplesmente amei!
    Lindo mesmo!

    Beijos ...


  4. Pretty! My favourite nail is the one with the lighter pink base :-)

  5. Thanks for all your feedback, everyone. I really love getting your comments!

    I am still awaiting my set of the new BM plates and am hoping they will come soon so I can make some new exciting manicures for you all!


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