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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Tropical Konadicure - m70

Hey everyone,

Here is this week's konadicure... It's bright and sunny because I am hoping for bright sunny weather to come my way.

I used 5 polishes to create a transition from bright yellow to a berry pink. I applied CG "Happy Go Lucky" first to the whole nail, and then I added diagonal stripes of CG "Bare if you Dare" (sheer peachy shimmer), Finger Paints "Tangerine Tint" (bright orange creme),  Sally Hansen "Cerise" (hot pink creme) and CG "Designer Satin" (deep berry).

I added an overall pattern from plate m70 using Konad Special Black polish.  Seche Vite QD topcoat sealed it off, as usual!

 I wore this scarf with my manicure.  I was excited when I realized I had something that matched so perfectly!

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  1. I love the gradient colors and the konad over the top! Did you sponge those underneath or just paint the stripes? I can't wait until I can Konad again and try some of these ideas! Thanks!

  2. yummy!tropical is just the irght word for it! Great job!

  3. Steph and Nail Designs xox - thanks :-)
    Gottwinkies: I just painted freehand stripes -no sponging.
    KONADomania - thanks for the feedback. :-)

  4. very nice konadicure, i like it very much! your nails are pretty too :)

  5. Paulina - thanks for following me!

    mrsrexy - nice to hear from you agagin!

  6. That is just awesome. Great colours. Cool stamp too!

  7. I really like your nails, how do you make?
    I follow you now!
    Please, serch my blog and if you like follow me!
    *( I don´t speak english very well, Sorry )


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