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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Stunning Stilettos with Stamping

Hello Dear Readers,

I have a stamped manicure for you today. I am behind in posting!

For this manicure, I used Finger Paints "Stunning Stilettos" as the base colour.  I bought it and then realized it was pretty close to the Barry M "Grey" I already bought awhile ago. Oh well...I'm sure you all have some dupes in your stashes too! Am I right, ladies?

(All images are clickable for a more magnified view.)

Then I added the curlicue design from BM 225, in China Glaze "Millennium", which I use often as a stamping polish.  It really stands out against a darker background, but it dries super fast, so you gotta hustle with it!

I wear a lot of silver or white gold accessories, so this manicure worked well with many different looks.  The neutral grey/silver makes it an easy manicure to wear, in my opinion.  

I hope you all enjoyed your long weekend, and I wish you all a great week.  Please leave me some feedback, as I love to read your comments.

Do you try to avoid buying dupes or near-dupes, or do you buy them anyhow...just can't resist?


  1. I love this; it's so elegant! I'd never noticed this design on the BM plates before but it's definitely caught my eye now :-)
    As for dupes, I actually don't think I have any!

  2. love that,simple but elegant,for the dupes yeah every color I have ,has a twin from another brand in polish and makeup too !!!may be that's because i loose my mind when see colors!

  3. @Laura - glad I could call your attention to a new design.

    @Steph - thanks!

    @Etab - I go nuts too, but have been trying to control silly spending.


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