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Monday, January 25, 2010

Pink Piano

Finger Paints "Art District Delight" (2 coats)
musical design from Konad IP m73 in Special Black
Sally Hansen "Encore" - subtle glitter on top

Another pink post. I just love the detail in this Konad image, so I was really excited to use this design. I decided that black on white was a bit predictable, so I chose a pale pink for the background, to keep the contrast but soften the finished look a bit.

Finger Paints is a brand I just recently started using, and I really like the consistency and opacity of their polishes. I get them at my local Sally's.

It was a bit tricky getting this pattern to be crisp and lined up just so, but it was worth it, I think. When the design has very fine lines or dots like this one does, I sometimes add a few drops of thinner to the Special Polish to make sure every detail gets picked up onto the stamper.

I added a bit of subtle glitter with this Sally Hansen Hard As Nails polish I picked up when there was a $0.99 sale at my local drugstore awhile back. "Encore" has a very sheer peach tone with fine green and gold glitter in it.

I'll admit it; I couldn't wait to go to work and show this konadicure to the music teacher at my school. It tickled her pink - sorry, but I couldn't resist the bad pun. She honestly tried to hum the tune from the musical cute is that?!


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