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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Hot Colours Konadicure

Here is my latest konadicure. Sorry it's been so long since I posted but my last manicure was just plain blue, and a colour I've already posted.

I started with a coat of Orly "Bonder" - my absolute fave base coat! Then I painted my whole nail in "Cerise" - a bright pink Sally Hansen polish. Then I added a triangular shaped area in Finger Paints "Tangerine Tint" to line up with the leopard print area of plate m78.  I stamped the design in Special Black and added Seche Vite t.c. to seal the deal.

Thanks for looking! Please leave me your comments!


  1. I loved this mani! Painting with a different color in triangle shape is a good idea :) Very very lovely :)

  2. crack me up!

    Marjo...thanks a bunch! Glad you like it so much :-)

  3. Very Pretty the mix of Cerise and Tangerine!! I Have a question, how every time you change the Konad Stamp?

  4. ChicFuscia...I'm happy you like the colours together. I'm not sure what you are asking...I clean the plate with a q-tip and nail polish remover after 3 or 4 stamps to keep the design crisp. Is that what you mean?

  5. Hello Jello. I saw your note on AllYouDesire's Seche Vite entry and had to come take a look at a fellow Canadian's nail blog! Added!

    Sooo they aren't shipping Seche over the border period? OMG! Like maybe not even to the stores? Because I found a bunch of Seche Vite top coats at my local London Drug and if that's the case I am going to go buy them all.

    PS! Wow your stamping is the bomb! I am a stampoholic myself. :)

  6. Hi JQ,
    I can't find any SV t.c. here at Sally's for over a year!!!! We don't have London Drug in my I'd buy a few just in case while they are in stock!

    Glad you like my stamping!


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