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Monday, July 25, 2011

Blue Bundle Monster 201

Dear readers,

Here is the manicure I've been wearing for the past few days.

I used Orly "Royal Navy" (2 coats) for the base colour.  Here's a pic in front of my bookshelf. I arranged my books according to spine colour.  I'm so conflicted about my books... I love books, but in the last year I've been reading off my beloved Kindle.  Books.  Kindle.  Books.  Kindle....they each have their pros. Kindle is much more practical, but there's just something about holding a book and looking at the cover and seeing them stacked up on your shelf...ah, I'm getting way off the topic of nails, aren't I?!

 I added stamping from BM 201 in "Millenium" by China Glaze.

In this one you can see I tried a different design on my pinkie first, but I changed my mind because that pattern, while pretty, didn't leave enough of the blue showing for what I wanted this time.

Holding a weird part of a phone case.  I like finding odd props for my photos.

That's it. You made it to the end of my post.
Have a great week everybody. Please remember to leave me your comments. I love reading them!

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