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Thursday, July 28, 2011

BM 221 - Yellow Flowers

Dear readers,

Hello, everyone. Today I want to share this cheerful manicure I did to go pick up my son who was returning from his first month away at sleepover camp. I missed him so much! I thought this would be a sunny manicure to match my happy mood. Believe it or not, even he noticed it right away and liked it a lot.

The base colour is China Glaze "Happy Go Lucky" from their spring 2010 Up and Away collection. It  is a lovely colour, but one I find a bit hard to apply evenly. It is actually a bit warmer than it appears in these pics. I used two coats and it was still a bit streaky, but when you stamp a full nail pattern it disguises many flaws.

I added the floral pattern from Bundle Monster 221 Image Plate.  It lightened the overall look of the yellow and is kind of subtle because the white doesn't show up that much. Sadly, dragging duffel bag, scrubbing someone's dirty feet before he was allowed in the house, and doing tons of laundry has made this manicure start to wear off a bit at the tips already. Oh well, guess I'll have to do another manicure. (fakes sadness)

Well, after finding my images used without permission on a Russian website that sells nail stamping products, I decided I should probably watermark my pics.  Do you find it distracting, or not too annoying? I guess it's a necessity, sadly.

Have a great week! And remember to leave me your comments, because I love reading them!


  1. That is a very happy mani!

    As long as I can still see your nails, I don't mind a watermark. (I'm too lazy to put them on my own pics but maybe I should get over that.)

  2. Hey, i've just received my konad kit. I find my polish peels off, i used konad clear coat on bare nail, stamped it, clear coat again. I also tried sally hansen diamond strength, and sally hansen instadri...any ideas, i'm in canada and only seem to find these in the stores. If you could help a newbie that would be great.
    kimbob27 at hotmail dot com

  3. @KarenD - it's a bit time-consuming but not very hard to add the watermark. I used picnik.

    @Kimberly - try a basecoat like Orly Bonder or use Seche Vite. I only stamp over a coloured base.

    @my little world of beauty - what a sweet thing to say!

  4. OH i'll have to find orly bonder or seche vite...any idea where to find those? Also i had a request for a upcoming findraiser. I'm looking for a ribbon image for breast cancer, have you seen any images like that? I thought i did and when i went looking again, couldn't seem to find it...your help is truly

  5. On a side note, i love all your nail designs, i suck at putting color on so i'm only putting designs on my clear and white look the best. I find the other colors in the kit seem washed out. How do you get perfect placement...i need practice for sure..many thanks for sharing. kim

  6. Yellow! What a great manicure!


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