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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Bundle Monster 211

Hi dear readers,

I wanted to post this manicure I did last night. Do you ever do your nails late at night and feel like you can't see that well due to using artificial lighting - and near exhaustion?!  The colours and stamping always seem to look a bit different in the daylight!

This is a base of Avon Mirror Shine in "glisten", a metallic, quick drying light blue.

The stamping design comes from BM211. I like the oval spotted pattern. I used Konad Special Polish in Blue.

Man, this macro lens shows flaws I didn't even know were there! Some of the stamping shows up a bit smudged or doubled but you can barely notice it in real life.  Unless someone had my hand really, really close to their eyes, it wouldn't actually show.

I really like using a cream over a metallic, or the other way around when I do a stamped manicure.  What about you?


  1. @ tata-nadaver - Thanks a lot!

  2. I really love your blog & your art
    can u please visit my blog,i'd love to know your opinion,thanks alot

  3. Nice color combo! Love the print! :)

  4. I've just come across this product and was interested in purchasing a kit to do at a local fair for kids..I'm torn between the konad and the new 25 bundle monster..I see there is a large price differance so maybe you could help me. Does one work more consistantly than the other. I'm just planning on putting a colored image on clear nail bed for time issues. Any help would be fantastic...kimbob27 at hotmail dot com

  5. @ Etab and KinsKieNails - thanks!

    @ Kimberly - Bundle Monster is great value for your money, for sure! I found there are a lot of full nail and french tips designs in the BM set, though, so I'm not sure if those are the best for little fingernails. You might want to pick a few Konad plates that have small designs like butterflies, hearts, fruit, etc. Good luck trying out nail stamping. It's addictive!


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