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Friday, February 19, 2010

Konad New Plates!

Designs from Konad IP m77 in Special White
One Coat Finger Paints "Tangerine Tint"
One Coat China Glaze "Bare if you Dare"
Sally Hansen (glitter) "Encore"

Yay!  My new plates arrived from OCnailart.  I didn't want to do a new konadicure until I got these plates, so when they arrived, I jumped right on it!  The only problem was, I had too many choices, and it took forever to decide which plate and which pattern to use first.

Unfortunately, I did this late at night and woke up to find one smushed nail.  DRAT!  Also, I'm not totally sure I like the colour I ended up using as the base, but I love these gems and pearl strands! After all, your nails are jewels - not tools! Ha, ha, ha....

Hope you enjoy this new design...I'll be doing more from the new patterns soon.

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  1. "Too many choices" I have that problem a lot too. Lol. You picked a winner though!

  2. Yeah, indecision kept me up too late! I almost want to take it off and do another one right away...yeah, it's a sickness!

  3. wow.. this my first time to see this plate stamped on nails.. oh sweety thanks for the comment... happy polishing.. xoxo


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