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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Spring Butterflies - Konad m76 & m79

Nina Ultra Pro "Mermaid" (3 coats)
Konad m76 and m79 in Special White and Green

For this konadicure I wanted to use designs from my new plates. I used 3 thin coats of "Mermaid" to get it opaque and then I put a Seche Vite topcoat to dry it quickly.  

Then I decided to layer two patterns.  The background is the lattice pattern from m79 in Special White. Over that I randomly placed the butterfly image from m76 in Special Green.  I think it might have looked better if I placed the butterfly in the same position on each nail, but, oh well....too late now!

Hope you enjoy these pics.  Please leave me some feedback, and enjoy the rest of your weekend!


  1. Beautiful! You always take the most interesting pics. And I like how the butterfly isn't in the same place on each nail.

  2. Thanks, moodpuppet. I like the photography aspect almost as much as doing my nails! You like the random placement? I'm glad!

  3. I like it too! it looks more "natural" with the random placement of the butterflies... they're flying on your nails! Very nice pics!

  4. Gosh,this is gorgeous! Loving the mermaid look! So springy! The butterflies look so fun,randomly placed.And the pearls are a very fitting presentation!

  5. Thanks a lot, Starlight! You are very kind!

  6. so pretty! and i agree with everyone else about the random placement of the butterflies :)

  7. Thanks a lot, steph. Glad you joined my blog, and I really appreciate your feedback!


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