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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Orange Juice

Finger Paints "Tangerine Tint" - 1 coat
Sally's Girl "Amped"- 1 coat on top for fingers
juicy orange design from Konad IP m55 in Special White

I did this when it was warm outside.  Ah, bare, happy feet....I miss not wearing shoes and boots and having cracked winter heels!  But I digress...

I wanted a really neon orange, so I started with "Tangerine Tint" and then added a coat of "Amped" which really brightened it up.  I added the orange slice stamp in Konad Special White.  Big toes got two orange slices.

My feet look kind of veiny and bloaty....sorry it's not a very flattering shot of the little piggies. 

This polish colour makes me want to go put on some "Morange" lipstick by MAC which is a totally bright orange.  It's not for everyone, I must admit, but I do love it.  I usually wear MAC "Redd" lip pencil with it.

Would you wear bright orange lipstick?

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