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Monday, February 1, 2010

Pink Taxi

Color Club "Lazer Pink"
White Tip - Sally Hansen "White On"
checkerboard from Konad IP m56 in Special Black

This is a konadicure I did when I first started learning how to use the system last spring. I have seen several variations on this theme on many different blogs.  Here I used Color Club's "Lazer Pink" which is a bit more neon in real life.  Then I painted a white tip - freehand.  I stamped the checkerboard pattern from m56 over the tip and finished it off with a line of silver striper polish.  

Why am I holding this brush?  Perhaps I intend to use it to hail a cab? Bad joke - okay, I know, I know.

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  1. I've seen this pic sooo many times on flikr and its always been one of my favorites since I love checkers. I can't believe this was one of your firsts! It looks great! I'm always jealous of anyone who has mastered the tip plates.

  2. Thanks a lot, moodpuppet. Yeah, my pics have travelled quite a bit! You can see it and some of my earlier ones on my flickr page. I'm trying to move from flickr pics to a full blog.


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